Thank you and Good Bye!

As you know, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) launched PRI-Center ( online service in November 2006 as a "public good" to raise the profile of political risk and educate users -- investors, practitioners and the general public -- about risk-mitigation tools. With support from its partners, PRI-Center was well-positioned to gather and disseminate extensive information resources and features of interest to users.

Since the launch of PRI-Center, the focus of MIGA's knowledge-creation and dissemination activities have shifted to its annual flagship report World Investment and Political Risk -- The report examines general trends in the global economy and foreign direct investment, corporate perceptions of political risk and risk-mitigation strategies, as well as the latest developments in the Political Risk Insurance industry.

As a result, MIGA has decided to warehouse PRI-Center and devote its resources to the production of the flagship report. At the same time, MIGA's corporate website ( has been updated to accommodate essential information on the political risk insurance industry

Therefore, from November 30, 2012, PRI-Center will be "warehoused" and no longer accessible to users. MIGA would like to take this opportunity to thank the users of PRI-Center for their support.